We specialize in corporate training for adults. We analyze the information and documents supplied by our customers to design tailored training programs. In general, we use your data (documents, information, etc.) to design our training course material for greater efficiency.

Our training programs are customer-specific and cater for all requirements - intensive / extensive courses, one-to-one / group sessions, beginner / intermediate / experienced levels.

We offer short or long training courses, for individuals or groups, for all of your staff.

Our main fields of expertise are:

Office Automation

Software and operating systems, Internet, message systems

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Professional communication, public speaking, coaching, team motivation based on job-oriented personal development tools and methods (AT, PNL, Sosie, 360°, psycho-synthesis, etc.).

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Graphic Arts

Dedicated software: PhotoShop, Illustrator, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, Flash, Dreamweaver, Graphic Design

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Accounting software: Ciel, Saari, Accounting techniques.

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Information Technology (technical seminars)

The "technology watch" training classes are given by highly well-qualified consultants. Some of the themes handled are:

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Training courses based on professional objectives (terminology, reading / writing, understanding / talking) and framework (conferences, communication, informal). The courses are offered in the following languages:

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Our training activities can also include the following areas:

Every company, every user or group of users is different: that is why I.D.O. training schemes make all the difference. Due to the size and organization of our company, we are highly reactive in responding to your requests.

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