I.D.O. (Innovation, Development & Organization) was founded in 1993.
Our main fields of activity are:

Located in the centre of London in the United Kingdom and in the centre of Paris in France, our premises in Paris and in London include multipurpose rooms (training, project, meeting).

I.D.O. London21 Ltd
158 Amelia Street
London SE17 3AS United Kingdom
(nearby Waterloo Station)

I.D.O. Paris21
9, rue Séguier
75006 Paris
(between Saint-Michel and Odéon)

I.D.O. works on a project/team basis for maximum efficiency, continuity and quality. I.D.O. sets up project-dedicated teams with the professional, technical and interpersonal skills required to ensure the success of each project.

Our full-time staff is backed up by an extensive network of highly qualified consultants and freelancers. In this way, we can respond to any sharp increase in workload, and rapidly select the specific expertise required. At present, our network is composed of about thirty consultants and freelancers.

On average, our teams comprise ten people. Depending on the projects, our staff numbers vary and can exceed fifteen persons, for instance. We work both directly for our clients and as subcontractors.

Annual turnover: 525 K€

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I.D.O. London21 Translation London United Kingdom - I.D.O. Paris 21 Training Translation Consultancy Paris France
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