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More than a translation agency, I.D.O. creates a custom solution for each of your projects. We are professionals, we listen, we anticipate, we create.
With your input, we create an inventory of your project's key criteria such as the subject matter, technical requirements, turnaround time, cost and quality controls, project team (both internal and external) and roles, we design and implement your solution.
Let I.D.O. be the creator and architect of your linguistic solutions
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Jérôme Marina-Mediavilla
Founder and Managing Director

The translation department primarily offers the following services:

Projects are handled most often at our offices, but we are also willing to work on-site in your premises (France and abroad). The projects with which we are most often involved are in IT (but not always: some examples). We also work in partnership with individuals and companies outside of France depending on your project's language needs.


Information technology: software (localization), on-line help, marketing and advertising, white papers, documentation, requests for proposal, specification brochures…

Deployment: documents, software, reports

Other fields: legal, marketing, technology, culinary, tourism, and architecture

In addition to translation, we also offer desktop publishing services for your projects (from page layout to prepress), as well as help file compilation, quality assurance…

Tools: TM-win (IBM), Trados, Adobe FrameMaker + SGML, InDesign, Acrobat, PhotoShop, Illustrator, …, Microsoft Office (numerous versions and languages), Help and HTML WorkShop, QuarkXpress, Catalyst, Visual Studio, our internally-developed quality assurance tools… we're also able to integrate your preferred software tools into our workflow.

Language pairs: In addition to French and English, we offer many other language pairs. From one language into another or into multiple languages, or from multiple languages into various other combinations. Currently we work into and out of 13 languages.

Volumes: Our projects typically range from a few words to several hundred thousand.

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Linguistic Testing

Testing of software translations: These are not functional tests, but tests to make sure that the software has been fully translated, that the translation as displayed is not truncated, that non-standard ASCII characters display properly (resizing of screens, translation adaptation…), that any corrections have been applied in the different versions, platforms…

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Technical Writing

User documentation, training media, presentations in close collaboration with the customer's technical team. Assessment of conformity to client's graphic charter in documents produced.

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Specialized interpreters for conferences, informal / formal meetings, negotiations, steering committees.

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